Stay Simple — the 3Bs framework

Stay Simple — the 3Bs framework

The relationship report-manager is never obvious. 1:1 meetings generally create more questions than the one they answer, and it’s rarely clear what the right level of depth is.

At Procter&Gamble, I learned something really useful to conduct productive meetings, avoid micromanagement, and win as a team: the 3B’s framework.

My team decided that every weekly report-manager or skip level meeting, at every level of the organization, had to be structured in 3 points:

What’s Big:
does it really make any difference to focus on small things that are not going to make any difference? Even more important, are they worth the time of 2 (or more) people? Focus on something impactful, something big!

What’s Broken:
is there any problem, something that should be fixed? Let’s discuss it with someone above you; you will (most likely) be able to repair faster.

What’s Breakthrough:
how could we do something completely new, that can really improve our competitive positioning in the market?

I advise to use this scheme in both business and personal life; is pretty simple and makes you save a lot of time and effort; rarely we read about something we can action tomorrow.