I am Luca Cosentino.
I am into fintech, web3, and helping founders.

I run the product team at Cross River, managing our Payments, Banking, and Lending initiatives and building the US bank's first-ever crypto rails.
Before, I took the Oasis Network from a cool research concept to a $ 1B smart contract platform. I was in Product at Google, AmEx, and P&G. I studied engineering, business, and some coding at UC Berkeley and University of Rome.

I angel invest: I am excited about companies building infrastructure layers to support complex and enormous markets.

If you share similar interests, I’d love to connect.


I dropped off college to build a company, that’s how I learned the 3 Ws: wrong plan, wrong execution, wrong timing. If you get 1 or 2 right, you survive a few months; if you get 3 wrong, you learn to become obsessed with the quality of your decisions.

I live in Greenwich Village, NY. I am often in SF and Rome.
I founded Berkeley StEP, a pre-accelerator that helps students get together and launch companies (150 so far; 10% funding rate).

I believe in principles, mainly ownership and accountability.
Family and close friends come first.
I define myself a rational optimist: optimism at the beginning, pessimism during, optimism at the end.